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Orders and Observations Work GroupMaturity Level: N/ABallot Status: Informative Compartments: Not linked to any defined compartments

Example List:

Example of in-progress/awaiting specimen task for a lipid panel orderexample1XMLJSONTurtle
Example of an accepted, filler generated specimen collection subtaskexample2XMLJSONTurtle
Example of a completed filler generated specimen collection subtaskexample4XMLJSONTurtle
Example of in-progress/test results pending task for a lipid panel orderexample5XMLJSONTurtle
Example of completed task for a lipid panel orderexample6XMLJSONTurtle
Example of simple prescription taskexample3XMLJSONTurtle
Example of the cancellation of a preauthorizationfm-example1XMLJSONTurtle
Example of polling for queued resourcesfm-example2XMLJSONTurtle
Example of the release of the balance of reserved funds for a preauthorizationfm-example3XMLJSONTurtle
Example of the cancellation of a preauthorizationfm-example4XMLJSONTurtle
Example of checking the processing status of a preauthorizationfm-example5XMLJSONTurtle
Example of the response to checking the processing status of a preauthorizationfm-example6XMLJSONTurtle

Примечание к использованию: мы очень стараемся приводить корректные и полезные примеры, однако нормативно они не являются частью спецификации.