Release 4

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These examples illustrate the use of the ActivityDefinition resource to represent activities on various artifacts includes a Suicide Risk Assessment Order Set, and a Zika Virus Infection Management workflow.
Example NameidFormat
Activity definition to refer a patient to a mental health integrated care programreferralPrimaryCareMentalHealthXMLJSONTurtle
Activity definition to prescribe citalopram to a patientcitalopramPrescriptionXMLJSONTurtle
Definition for administering a Zika Virus Exposure assessmentadminister-zika-virus-exposure-assessmentXMLJSONTurtle
Definition for ordering a Serum Zika and Dengue Virus IgM Antibody Diagnosticserum-zika-dengue-virus-igmXMLJSONTurtle
Definition for providing mosquito prevention adviceprovide-mosquito-prevention-adviceXMLJSONTurtle
Definition for heart valve replacement service requestheart-valve-replacementXMLJSONTurtle
Definition for blood collection tubes supplyblood-tubes-supplyXMLJSONTurtle
Example of a predecessor/successor relationshipreferralPrimaryCareMentalHealth-initialXMLJSONTurtle
Definition for ordering a Serum Dengue Virus IgM Antibody Diagnosticserum-dengue-virus-igmXMLJSONTurtle

Usage note: every effort has been made to ensure that the examples are correct and useful, but they are not a normative part of the specification.