Release 4

FHIR Infrastructure Work Group Maturity Level: 5Trial Use Compartments: N/A

This operation asks the server to return a subset of the CapabilityStatement resource - just the REST parts that relate to a set of nominated resources - the resources that the client is interested in.

The official URL for this operation definition is

Formal Definition (as a OperationDefinition).

URL: [base]/CapabilityStatement/$subset

URL: [base]/CapabilityStatement/[id]/$subset

This is an idempotent operation

In Parameters:
ИмяКардинальное множествоТипПривязкаПрофильДокументация

The canonical URL - use this if the subset is not invoked on an instance (or on the /metadata end-point)


A resource that the client would like to include in the return

Out Parameters:
ИмяКардинальное множествоТипПривязкаПрофильДокументация

The subsetted CapabilityStatement resource that is returned. This should be tagged with the SUBSETTED code

Note: as this is the only out parameter, it is a resource, and it has the name 'return', the result of this operation is returned directly as a resource

Request: Request a subset of Patient capabilities from a known CapabilityStatement

POST [base]/CapabilityStatement/example/$subset
[other headers]

<Parameters xmlns="">
    <name value="resource"/>
    <valueCode value="Patient"/>


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
[other headers]

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CapabilityStatement xmlns="">
  <id value="example"/>
      <system value=""/>
      <code value="SUBSETTED"/> <display value="subsetted"/>
      <type value="Patient"/>
        <code value="read"/>
        <code value="vread"/>
        <documentation value="Only supported for patient records since 12-Dec 2012"/>
        <code value="update"/>
        <code value="history-instance"/>
        <code value="create"/>
        <code value="history-type"/>
      <versioning value="versioned-update"/>
      <readHistory value="true"/>
      <updateCreate value="false"/>
      <conditionalCreate value="true"/> 
      <conditionalUpdate value="false"/>
      <conditionalDelete value="not-supported"/>
      <searchInclude value="Organization"/>
      <searchRevInclude value="Person"/>
        <name value="identifier"/>
        <definition value=""/>
        <type value="token"/>
        <documentation value="Only supports search by institution MRN"/>
        <name value="careprovider"/>
        <definition value=""/>
        <type value="reference"/>


For more information about operations, including how they are invoked, see Operations.