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Community Based Collaborative Care Work GroupMaturity Level: N/ABallot Status: Informative Compartments: Patient

R3 : R4 Conversion maps for Consent.

Functional status for this map: 12 tests that all execute ok. 12 fail round-trip testing and 12 r3 resources are invalid (0 errors). (see documentation)

map "" = "R3 to R4 Conversions for Consent"

uses "" alias ConsentR3 as source
uses "" alias Consent as target

imports "*3to4"

group Consent(source src : ConsentR3, target tgt : Consent) extends DomainResource <<type+>> {

map "" = "R4 to R3 Conversion for Consent"

uses "" alias Consent as source
uses "" alias ConsentR3 as target

imports "*4to3"

group Consent(source src : Consent, target tgt : ConsentR3) extends DomainResource <<type+>> {

<p>No validation errors - all conversions are clean</p>