Release 4

Vocabulary Work GroupMaturity Level: 2Standards Status: Trial Use
SourceCPT is made managed by the American Medical Association
SystemThe URI identifies the CPT code system
VersionWhere a version is appropriate, use the year of release e.g. 2014
Code"Code" in the CPT tables (a 5-character code)
Display"Description" in the CPT tables
InactiveTodo: Describe how it is determined which concepts are inactive
SubsumptionNo Subsumption relationships are defined by CPT
Filter PropertiesNone defined

CPT is released each October. CPT versions are identified simply by the year of their release.

    <system value=""/>
    <version value="2014"/>
    <code value="31502"/>
    <display value="Tracheotomy tube change prior to establishment of fistula tract"/>

CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association. The AMA holds the copyright for the CPT coding system.

When Value Sets include CPT codes, the copyright element should include the text "CPT copyright 2014 American Medical Association. All rights reserved.".

No filter properties have been defined at this time.

The value set URL is a value set that includes all CPT codes.