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Pharmacy Work GroupMaturity Level: N/ABallot Status: InformativeCompartments: Encounter, Patient, Practitioner

Это описательная часть ресурса. См. также в формате XML, JSON или Turtle. This example conforms to the profile MedicationRequest.

Generated Narrative with Details

id: medrx0301

contained: ,

identifier: 12345689 (OFFICIAL)

status: completed

statusReason: Try another treatment first (Details : { code 'altchoice' = 'Try another treatment first', given as 'Try another treatment first'})

intent: order

category: Inpatient (Details : { code 'inpatient' = 'Inpatient', given as 'Inpatient'})

medication: id: med0310; Oral Form Oxycodone (product) (Details : {SNOMED CT code '430127000' = 'Oral form oxycodone', given as 'Oral Form Oxycodone (product)'})

subject: Donald Duck

encounter: encounter who leads to this prescription

supportingInformation: Procedure/biopsy

authoredOn: Jan 15, 2015

requester: Patrick Pump

performer: Carla Espinosa

performerType: Public Health Nurse (Details : {SNOMED CT code '26369006' = '26369006', given as 'Public Health Nurse'})

reasonCode: Rib Pain (finding) (Details : {SNOMED CT code '297217002' = 'Rib pain', given as 'Rib Pain (finding)'})

insurance: Coverage/9876B1

note: Patient told to take with food



*Jan 15, 2015 --> Jan 15, 2016030 TAB (Details: code TAB = 'Tablet')10 days (Details: UCUM code d = 'd')Practitioner/f001


*trueformulary policy (Details : { code 'FP' = 'formulary policy', given as 'formulary policy'})

detectedIssue: DetectedIssue/allergy

eventHistory: Author's Signature. Generated Summary: id: signature; recorded: Feb 1, 2017 5:23:07 PM;


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