Release 4

Vocabulary Work GroupMaturity Level: 2Standards Status: Trial Use
Sourcethe National Drug File - Reference Terminology - prepared by Veterans Health Administration , and distributed as part of UMLS by the NLM (direct link )
SystemThe URI to identify NDF-RT is not resolved. As a temporary arrangement, the URL "" is to be used
VersionA version is not needed. (Use the date of the UMLS release for the version of NDF-RT if a version is desired.)
CodeThe NUI is used for the code value for an NDF-RT concept
InactiveTodo: Describe how it is determined which concepts are inactive
SubsumptionSubsumption testing is based in the Is-a relationship defined by NDFRT
Filter PropertiesNone are described yet

This URL is temporary while the NDF-RT and FHIR teams discuss the long term arrangements. Further documentation can be found in evs .

NDF-RT is released as part of UMLS. Therefore, each successive release has the date of the UMLS release as its version.

NDF-RT has no copyright acknowledgement required. However, users must adhere to the UMLS license.

This section documents the property filters that can be used with the SNOMED CT code system in value set composition statements.

DescriptionSelect a set of concepts based on subsumption testing
Property Nameconcept
Operations Allowedis-a
Values AllowedNUI
CommentsIncludes all concepts that have a transitive is-a relationship with the concept Id provided in the value as an NUI (including the concept itself)

Others yet to be done.

Yet to be done.