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Patient Administration Work GroupMaturity Level: N/ABallot Status: Informative Compartments: Not linked to any defined compartments

Таблицы соответствий для ресурса organization (см. Mappings to Other Standards for further information & status).

Organization(also see master files messages)
    identifierXON.10 / XON.3
    activeNo equivalent in HL7 v2
    typeNo equivalent in v2
    partOfNo equivalent in HL7 v2
        namePID-5, PID-9
        telecomPID-13, PID-14
OrganizationOrganization(classCode=ORG, determinerCode=INST)
    active./Status (however this concept in ServD more covers why the organization is active or not, could be delisted, deregistered, not operational yet) this could alternatively be derived from ./StartDate and ./EndDate and given a context date.
    address./PrimaryAddress and ./OtherAddresses