Release 4

Vocabulary Work GroupMaturity Level: 3Standards Status: Trial Use
SourceFDA Substance Registration System
SystemThe URI to identify UNII codes is
VersionIf it is desired to exchange the version, use the date of the file in the UNII list download in the format YYYYMMDD
CodeUse the value of the UNII column in the UNII List
DisplayUse the value of the PT (Preferred Term) column in the UNII List
InactiveTodo: Describe how it is determined which concepts are inactive
SubsumptionNo Subsumption relationships are defined by UNII
Filter PropertiesNone are described yet

To be investigated

UNII has no copyright acknowledgement needed, nor are there any license terms to adhere to.

No need for filters identified yet.

No need for implicit value sets identified yet.