Release 4 HL7 Version 2 Table 0006 from version 2.4

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This is a table defined as part of HL7 v2 .


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Title:v2 table 0006, Version 2.4

FHIR Value set/code system definition for HL7 v2 table 0006 ver 2.9 ( Religion)

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This value set is not currently used


ABC Christian: American Baptist Churchfrom v2.4
AGN Agnosticfrom v2.4
AME Christian: African Methodist Episcopal Zionfrom v2.4
AMT Christian: African Methodist Episcopalfrom v2.4
ANG Christian: Anglicanfrom v2.4
AOG Christian: Assembly of Godfrom v2.4
ATH Atheistfrom v2.4
BAH Baha'ifrom v2.4
BAP Christian: Baptistfrom v2.4
BMA Buddhist: Mahayanafrom v2.4
BOT Buddhist: Otherfrom v2.4
BRE Brethrenadded v2.6
BTA Buddhist: Tantrayanafrom v2.4
BTH Buddhist: Theravadafrom v2.4
BUD Buddhistfrom v2.4
CAT Christian: Roman Catholicfrom v2.4
CFR Chinese Folk Religionistfrom v2.4
CHR Christianfrom v2.4
CHS Christian: Christian Sciencefrom v2.4
CMA Christian: Christian Missionary Alliancefrom v2.4
CNF Confucianfrom v2.4
COC Christian: Church of Christfrom v2.4
COG Christian: Church of Godfrom v2.4
COI Christian: Church of God in Christfrom v2.4
COL Christian: Congregationalfrom v2.4
COM Christian: Communityfrom v2.4
COP Christian: Other Pentecostalfrom v2.4
COT Christian: Otherfrom v2.4
CRR Christian: Christian Reformedfrom v2.4
DOC Disciples of Christadded v2.6
EOT Christian: Eastern Orthodoxfrom v2.4
EPI Christian: Episcopalianfrom v2.4
ERL Ethnic Religionistfrom v2.4
EVC Christian: Evangelical Churchfrom v2.4
FRQ Christian: Friendsfrom v2.4
FUL Christian: Full Gospeladded v2.6
FWB Christian: Free Will Baptistfrom v2.4
GRE Christian: Greek Orthodoxfrom v2.4
HIN Hindufrom v2.4
HOT Hindu: Otherfrom v2.4
HSH Hindu: Shaivitesfrom v2.4
HVA Hindu: Vaishnavitesfrom v2.4
JAI Jainfrom v2.4
JCO Jewish: Conservativefrom v2.4
JEW Jewishfrom v2.4
JOR Jewish: Orthodoxfrom v2.4
JOT Jewish: Otherfrom v2.4
JRC Jewish: Reconstructionistfrom v2.4
JRF Jewish: Reformfrom v2.4
JRN Jewish: Renewalfrom v2.4
JWN Christian: Jehovah's Witnessfrom v2.4
LMS Christian: Lutheran Missouri Synodfrom v2.4
LUT Christian: Lutheranfrom v2.4
MEN Christian: Mennonitefrom v2.4
MET Christian: Methodistfrom v2.4
MOM Christian: Latter-day Saintsfrom v2.4
MOS Muslimfrom v2.4
MOT Muslim: Otherfrom v2.4
MSH Muslim: Shiitefrom v2.4
MSU Muslim: Sunnifrom v2.4
NAM Native Americanfrom v2.4
NAZ Christian: Church of the Nazarenefrom v2.4
NOE Nonreligiousfrom v2.4
NRL New Religionistfrom v2.4
ORT Christian: Orthodoxfrom v2.4
OTH Otherfrom v2.4
PEN Christian: Pentecostalfrom v2.4
PRC Christian: Other Protestantfrom v2.4
PRE Christian: Presbyterianfrom v2.4
PRO Christian: Protestantfrom v2.4
QUA Christian: Friendsfrom v2.4, removed after v2.5.1
REC Christian: Reformed Churchfrom v2.4
REO Christian: Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ-LDSfrom v2.4
SAA Christian: Salvation Armyfrom v2.4
SEV Christian: Seventh Day Adventistfrom v2.4
SHN Shintoistfrom v2.4
SIK Sikhfrom v2.4
SOU Christian: Southern Baptistfrom v2.4
SPI Spiritistfrom v2.4
UCC Christian: United Church of Christfrom v2.4
UMD Christian: United Methodistfrom v2.4
UNI Christian: Unitarianfrom v2.4
UNU Christian: Unitarian Universalistfrom v2.4
VAR Unknownfrom v2.4
WES Christian: Wesleyanfrom v2.4
WMC Christian: Wesleyan Methodistfrom v2.4