Release 4 HL7 Version 2 Table 0270

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This is a table defined as part of HL7 v2 .


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Title:v2 Report Type Code

FHIR Value set/code system definition for HL7 v2 table 0270 ( Report Type Code)

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Note: V2 code systems may or may not be case sensitive. V2 Code systems will have the CodeSystem.caseSensitive correctly populated in a future version of this specification.

This value set is not currently used

This code system defines the following codes:

AR en: Autopsy report
nl: Autopsierapport
added v2.3
CD en: Cardiodiagnostics
nl: Cardiodiagnostiek
added v2.3
CN en: Consultation
nl: Consultatie
added v2.3
DI en: Diagnostic imaging
nl: Diagnostische beeldvorming
added v2.3
DS en: Discharge summary
nl: Ontslagsamenvatting
added v2.3
ED en: Emergency department report
nl: Spoedafdeling rapport
added v2.3
HP en: History and physical examination
nl: Historie en lichamelijk onderzoek
added v2.3
OP en: Operative report
nl: Operatieverslag
added v2.3
PC en: Psychiatric consultation
nl: Psychiatrisch consult
added v2.3
PH en: Psychiatric history and physical examination
nl: Psychiatrische historie en lichamelijk onderzoek
added v2.3
PN en: Procedure note
nl: Behandelnotitie
added v2.3
PR en: Progress note
nl: Voortgangsnotitie
added v2.3
SP en: Surgical pathology
nl: Chirurgische pathologie
added v2.3
TS en: Transfer summary
nl: Overplaatsing samenvatting
added v2.3

This code system defines the following codes:

AR Autopsy reportadded v2.3
CD Cardiodiagnosticsadded v2.3
CN Consultationadded v2.3
DI Diagnostic imagingadded v2.3
DS Discharge summaryadded v2.3
ED Emergency department reportadded v2.3
HP History and physical examinationadded v2.3
OP Operative reportadded v2.3
PC Psychiatric consultationadded v2.3
PH Psychiatric history and physical examinationadded v2.3
PN Procedure noteadded v2.3
PR Progress noteadded v2.3
SP Surgical pathologyadded v2.3
TS Transfer summaryadded v2.3

Dit code systeem definieert de volgende codes:

AR Autopsierapportadded v2.3
CD Cardiodiagnostiekadded v2.3
CN Consultatieadded v2.3
DI Diagnostische beeldvormingadded v2.3
DS Ontslagsamenvattingadded v2.3
ED Spoedafdeling rapportadded v2.3
HP Historie en lichamelijk onderzoekadded v2.3
OP Operatieverslagadded v2.3
PC Psychiatrisch consultadded v2.3
PH Psychiatrische historie en lichamelijk onderzoekadded v2.3
PN Behandelnotitieadded v2.3
PR Voortgangsnotitieadded v2.3
SP Chirurgische pathologieadded v2.3
TS Overplaatsing samenvattingadded v2.3