Release 4 HL7 Version 2 Table 0514

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This is a table defined as part of HL7 v2 .


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Title:v2 Transfusion Adverse Reaction

FHIR Value set/code system definition for HL7 v2 table 0514 ( Transfusion Adverse Reaction)

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Note: V2 code systems may or may not be case sensitive. V2 Code systems will have the CodeSystem.caseSensitive correctly populated in a future version of this specification.

This value set is not currently used

Transfusion Adverse Reaction

ABOINC ABO Incompatible Transfusion Reactionadded v2.5
ACUTHEHTR Acute Hemolytic Transfusion Reactionadded v2.5
ALLERGIC1 Allergic Reaction - Firstadded v2.5
ALLERGIC2 Allergic Reaction - Recurrentadded v2.5
ALLERGICR Allergic Reaction - Repeatingadded v2.5
ANAPHYLAC Anaphylactic Reactionadded v2.5
BACTCONTAM Reaction to Bacterial Contaminationadded v2.5
DELAYEDHTR Delayed Hemolytic Transfusion Reactionadded v2.5
DELAYEDSTR Delayed Serological Transfusion Reactionadded v2.5
GVHD Graft vs Host Disease - Transfusion - Associatedadded v2.5
HYPOTENS Non-hemolytic Hypotensive Reactionadded v2.5
NONHTR1 Non-Hemolytic Fever Chill Transfusion Reaction - Firstadded v2.5
NONHTR2 Non-Hemolytic Fever Chill Transfusion Reaction - Recurrentadded v2.5
NONHTRREC Non-Hemolytic Fever Chill Transfusion Reaction - Repeatingadded v2.5
NONIMMUNE Non-Immune Hemolysisadded v2.5
NONSPEC Non-Specific, Non-Hemolytic Transfusion Reactionadded v2.5
NORXN No Evidence of Transfusion Reactionadded v2.5
PTP Posttransfusion Purpuraadded v2.5
VOLOVER Symptoms most likely due to volume overloadadded v2.5