Release 4 HL7 v3 Code System GTSAbbreviation

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This code system ( is defined as part of HL7 v3.


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Title:v3 Code System GTSAbbreviation

Open Issue: It appears that the printnames are suboptimal and should be improved for many of the existing codes.

OID:2.16.840.1.113883.5.1022 (for OID based terminology systems)
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This Code system is used in the following value sets:

Release Date: 2018-08-12

1AM AM Every morning at institution specified times.
1BED at bedtime At bedtime (institution specified time).
1BID BID Two times a day at institution specified time
1JB JB Regular business days (Monday to Friday excluding holidays)
1JE JE Regular weekends (Saturday and Sunday excluding holidays)
1JH GTSAbbreviationHolidays Holidays
2  (_GTSAbbreviationHolidaysChristianRoman) Abstract  Christian Holidays (Roman/Gregorian [Western] Tradition.)
3    JHCHREAS JHCHREAS Easter Sunday. The Easter date is a rather complex calculation based on Astronomical tables describing full moon dates. Details can be found at [, and]. Note that the Christian Orthodox Holidays are based on the Julian calendar.
3    JHCHRGFR JHCHRGFR Good Friday, is the Friday right before Easter Sunday.
3    JHCHRNEW JHCHRNEW New Year's Day (January 1)
3    JHCHRPEN JHCHRPEN Pentecost Sunday, is seven weeks after Easter (the 50th day of Easter).
3    JHCHRXME JHCHRXME Christmas Eve (December 24)
3    JHCHRXMS JHCHRXMS Christmas Day (December 25)
2  JHNNL The Netherlands National Holidays Description:The Netherlands National Holidays.
3    JHNNLLD Liberation day (May 5 every five years) Description:Liberation day (May 5 every five years)
3    JHNNLQD Queen's day (April 30) Description:Queen's day (April 30)
3    JHNNLSK Sinterklaas (December 5) Description:Sinterklaas (December 5)
2  JHNUS GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational United States National Holidays (public holidays for federal employees established by U.S. Federal law 5 U.S.C. 6103).
3    JHNUSCLM JHNUSCLM Columbus Day, the second Monday in October.
3    JHNUSIND JHNUSIND Independence Day (4th of July)
3    JHNUSIND1 JHNUSIND1 Alternative Monday after 4th of July Weekend [5 U.S.C. 6103(b)].
3    JHNUSIND5 JHNUSIND5 Alternative Friday before 4th of July Weekend [5 U.S.C. 6103(b)].
3    JHNUSLBR JHNUSLBR Labor Day, the first Monday in September.
3    JHNUSMEM JHNUSMEM Memorial Day, the last Monday in May.
3    JHNUSMEM5 JHNUSMEM5 Friday before Memorial Day Weekend
3    JHNUSMEM6 JHNUSMEM6 Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend
3    JHNUSMLK JHNUSMLK Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the third Monday in January.
3    JHNUSPRE JHNUSPRE Washington's Birthday (Presidential Day) the third Monday in February.
3    JHNUSTKS JHNUSTKS Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November.
3    JHNUSTKS5 JHNUSTKS5 Friday after Thanksgiving.
3    JHNUSVET JHNUSVET Veteran's Day, November 11.
1MO monthly Monthly at institution specified time.
1PM PM Every afternoon at institution specified times.
1Q1H every hour Every hour at institution specified times.
1Q2H every 2 hours Every 2 hours at institution specified times.
1Q3H every 3 hours Every 3 hours at institution specified times.
1Q4H Q4H Every 4 hours at institution specified time
1Q6H Q6H Every 6 hours at institution specified time
1Q8H every 8 hours Every 8 hours at institution specified times.
1QD QD Every day at institution specified times.
1QID QID Four times a day at institution specified time
1QOD QOD Every other day at institution specified times.
1TID TID Three times a day at institution specified time
1WK weekly Weekly at institution specified time.