Release 4 HL7 v3 Value Set QueryResponse

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This value set ( is defined as part of HL7 v3.


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Title:v3 Code System QueryResponse

A code classifying the general nature of the response to a given query. Includes whether or not data was found, or whether an error occurred.

OID:2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.208 (for OID based terminology systems)
Source ResourceXML / JSON

This value set is used in the following places:

  • CodeSystem: This value set is the designated 'entire code system' value set for v3.QueryResponse

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:


This expansion generated 21 Jan 2021

This value set contains 4 concepts

Expansion based on version 2018-08-12

All codes from system

AEApplicationErrorQuery Error. Application Error.
NFNo data foundNo errors, but no data was found matching the query request specification.
OKData foundQuery reponse data found for 1 or more result sets matching the query request specification.
QEQueryParameterErrorQueryError. Problem with input ParmetersError