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Title:Specimen Container Type

Checks on the patient prior specimen collection. All SNOMED CT concepts descendants of 706041008 |Device for body fluid and tissue collection/transfer/processing (physical object)|

Committee:Orders and Observations Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.470 (for OID based terminology systems)

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  • Include codes from where concept is-a 706041008 (Device for body fluid and tissue collection/transfer/processing)


This expansion generated 21 Jan 2021

This value set contains 124 concepts

All codes from system

22566001 Cytology brush, device
463568005 Pleural drainage system fluid collector
464527005 Paediatric blood donor set
464573007 Assisted reproduction needle, reprocessed
464784003 Assisted reproduction catheter
464946000 Assisted reproduction needle, single-use
465046006 Assisted reproduction cryotube
465091002 Tissue extraction bag
465141003 Otological bone particle collector
465487000 Rigid endotherapy cytology brush, reusable
466164006 Rigid endotherapy cytology brush, single-use
466421006 Viscerotome
466447002 Blood-processing autotransfusion system container
466623002 Blood gas syringe/needle, sodium heparin
466637006 Blood donor set, quad-pack
466704003 Blood collection/fat content reduction device
466844004 Blood donor set, double-pack
466898000 Blood donor set, quin-pack
466930006 Blood donor set, triple-pack
467030004 Blood gas syringe/needle, lithium heparin
467131002 Blood autotransfusion system tubing
467132009 Blood donor set, single-pack
467141004 Blood donor set, many-pack
467182004 Cervical cytology inflatable collector
467330006 Adipose tissue stem cell recovery unit
467431009 Abortion suction system collection bottle
467499008 Chorionic villus sampling catheter
467647004 Cryostat microtome
467697000 Cytology scraper, single-use
467743009 Bone marrow explant needle
467967005 Cytology scraper, reusable
467989009 Capillary blood collection tube, no-additive
468076003 Bone marrow collection/transfusion set
468131000 Cervical cytology brush
468200003 Epididymal fluid aspiration catheter
468981005 Dental bone particle collector
468999002 Endometrial cytology brush
469287008 Intrauterine secretion scoop
469322002 Intravascular catheter endoluminal brush
469454007 Intrauterine scoop
469822008 Flexible endotherapy cytology brush, single-use
470114007 Flexible endotherapy cytology brush, reusable
470547006 General-purpose cytology brush
470597005 Gastro-urological scoop
700855008 Tissue/fluid collection bag, sterile
700905004 Specimen container mailer, insulated
700906003 Specimen container mailer, non-insulated
700945008 Blood cell freeze/thaw system set
700955007 Blood collection Luer-syringe adaptor
700956008 Blood collection needle, basic
700957004 Blood/tissue storage/culture container
701394007 General specimen receptacle transport container
701516009 Evacuated blood collection tube transport container
701720006 Tissue/fluid collection bag, non-sterile
702120003 Blood collection Luer adaptor
702223006 Sputum specimen container
702224000 Midstream urine specimen container
702232008 Sweat specimen container IVD
702244006 Sterile urine specimen container
702256007 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, no additive
702264001 Non-sterile urine specimen container IVD
702268003 General specimen container, no additive, non-sterile
702269006 General specimen container, no additive, sterile
702275002 Microcapillary blood collection tube, ammonium heparin
702276001 Microcapillary blood collection tube, K2EDTA
702277005 Microcapillary blood collection tube, no additive
702278000 Evacuated blood collection tube, no additive/metal-free
702279008 Evacuated blood collection tube, gel separator
702280006 Evacuated blood collection tube, RNA stabilizer
702281005 Evacuated blood collection tube, thrombin/clot activator/gel separator
702282003 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, EDTA
702283008 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, gel separator
702284002 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, lithium heparin
702285001 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, lithium heparin/gel separator, sterile
702286000 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, NaEDTA/sodium fluoride
702287009 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, potassium oxalate/sodium fluoride
702288004 Evacuated urine specimen container, boric acid (H3BO3)/sodium formate
702289007 Evacuated urine specimen container, ethyl paraben/sodium porpionate/chlorhexidine
702290003 Cervical cytology microscopy slide
702292006 Evacuated blood collection tube , K3EDTA/sodium fluoride
702293001 Evacuated blood collection tube, K2EDTA/aprotinin
702294007 Syringe-blood collection tube transfer
702295008 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, clot activator/gel separator
702296009 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, sodium citrate
702297000 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, clot activator
702298005 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, K3EDTA
702299002 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, K2EDTA
702300005 Non-evacuated blood collection tube, lithium heparin/gel separator, non-sterile
702301009 Microcapillary blood collection funnel
702302002 Evacuated urine specimen container, boric acid (H3BO3)
702303007 Evacuated urine specimen container, multiple preservative
702304001 Microcapillary blood transfer tube, clot activator
702305000 Microcapillary blood transfer tube, sodium fluoride
702306004 Microcapillary blood transfer tube, EDTA
702307008 Microcapillary blood transfer tube IVD, heparin
702308003 Evacuated urine specimen container IVD, no additive
702309006 Saliva specimen container IVD, no additive
702310001 Evacuated saliva specimen container IVD, sodium azide
704866005 Orthopedic bone particle collector, reusable
704921002 Hemoperfusion tubing set
706042001 Clinical sampling brush
706044000 Endotherapy cytology brush
706045004 Bone particle collector
706046003 Specimen receptacle
706047007 Fecal specimen container
706048002 Blood specimen receptacle
706049005 Blood tube
706050005 Microcapillary blood collection tube
706051009 Non-evacuated blood collection tube
706052002 Evacuated blood collection tube
706053007 General specimen container
706054001 Urine specimen container
706055000 24-hour urine specimen container
706056004 Evacuated urine specimen container
706057008 Cytology specimen container
706058003 Secretory specimen container
706067003 Blood collection/transfer device
706070004 Blood donor set
706071000 Specimen receptacle transport container
712485008 Autologous blood collection tube
713951005 Adipose tissue stem cell recovery unit, ultrasonic
714731008 Blood component separator
718301008 Urological fluid funnel, sterile
718302001 Urological fluid funnel, non-sterile


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