Release 4

Patient Care Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: Informative
A set of extensions that define how the parts of the openEHR RiskOfAdverseReaction archetype that are not generaly encountered by implementers are represented
openEHR-testtest :

Observations that confirm or refute the risk and/or the substance.

openEHR-locationlocation :

The anatomical location / body site(s) where the symptoms manifested.

openEHR-exposureDateexposureDate :

Record of the date and/or time of the first exposure to the Substance for this Reaction Event.

openEHR-exposureDurationexposureDuration :

The amount of time the individual was exposed to the Substance.

openEHR-exposureDescriptionexposureDescription :

Text description about exposure to the Substance.

openEHR-administrationadministration :

Link to an actual medication administration record with the full details of the administration, if a link is known.

openEHR-managementmanagement :

Text description about the clinical management provided.

openEHR-careplancareplan :

Additional details about the clinical management provided for this Reaction Event.