Release 4

FHIR Infrastructure Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: Informative
Common extensions for use with the CapabilityStatement resource
capabilitystatement-expectationexpectation :

Defines the level of expectation associated with a given system capability.

capabilitystatement-prohibitedprohibited :

If set to true, indicates that support for the specified behavior would make a system non-conformant with the specification.

capabilitystatement-supported-systemsupported-system :

A code system that is supported by the system that is not defined in a value set resource.

capabilitystatement-search-parameter-combinationsearch-parameter-combination :

This extension defines a possible search parameter combination, by listing a set of search parameters and indicating whether they are required or optional. If a search combination is specified, clients should expect that they must submit a search that meets one of the required combinations or the search will be unsuccessful. If multiple search parameter combinations are specified, a client may pick between them, and supply the minimal required parameters for any of the combinations.

capabilitystatement-websocketwebsocket :

Where the server provides its web socket end-point.