Release 4

FHIR Infrastructure Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: Informative
This profile describes common extensions that are used with Structure Definitions
structuredefinition-display-hintdisplay-hint :

Hinting information for the narrative generator - a series of name: value; pairs.

structuredefinition-template-statustemplate-status :

Status code taken from HL7 template specification - allows for alignment with the template DSTU, and has more authoring status codes.

structuredefinition-fmmfmm :

The FMM level assigned to the artifact.

structuredefinition-fmm-no-warningsfmm-no-warnings :

The FMM level that would be assigned to the artifact if it had no warnings.

structuredefinition-wgwg :

The work group that owns and maintains this resource.

structuredefinition-explicit-type-nameexplicit-type-name :

A name to use for the type, in implementations. This is a suggestion; it's not a normative part of the FHIR specification, but it does appear in the UML diagrams, and is used in generated code, schemas, identify the type.

structuredefinition-fhir-typefhir-type :

The formal FHIR type of a property - used for the value property of a primitive type (for which there is no type in the FHIR typing system), and and Extension.url.

structuredefinition-summarysummary :

Additional text for the summary presentation.

structuredefinition-ancestorancestor :

A canonical reference to a StructureDefinition that this is derived from. This is a de-normalization of a chain of StructureDefinition.baseDefinition.

structuredefinition-categorycategory :

The category under which the resource type is presented on the official resource list.

structuredefinition-table-nametable-name :

A name to use to show mappings of this type in the generated summary tables.

structuredefinition-standards-statusstandards-status :

The Current HL7 ballot/Standards status of this artifact.

structuredefinition-hierarchyhierarchy :

For circular references (references back to the same type of resource): whether they are allowed to transitively point back to the same instance (false), or whether the relationship must be a strict one-way hierarchy (true).

structuredefinition-xml-no-orderxml-no-order :

Whether elements can come in any order in XML.

structuredefinition-codegen-supercodegen-super :

A specific instruction to use an intermediate parent class when generating code for the classes.

structuredefinition-dependenciesdependencies :

Instances can only be valid against this StructureDefinition, if they also sucessfully validate against the dependent profile identified in this extension.

structuredefinition-applicable-versionapplicable-version :

An additional version that this profile apples to, other than the version explicitly stated in StructureDefinition.fhirVersion.

structuredefinition-normative-versionnormative-version :

If this StructureDefinition is normative, which was the first normative version.

structuredefinition-security-categorysecurity-category :

Provides general guidance around the kind of access Control to Read, Search, Create, Update, or Delete the resource.