Release 4 HL7 Version 2 Table 0489

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This is a table defined as part of HL7 v2 .


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Title:v2 Risk Codes

FHIR Value set/code system definition for HL7 v2 table 0489 ( Risk Codes)

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Note: V2 code systems may or may not be case sensitive. V2 Code systems will have the CodeSystem.caseSensitive correctly populated in a future version of this specification.

This value set is not currently used

Risk Codes

AGG AggressiveA danger that can be associated with certain living subjects, including humans.added v2.5
BHZ BiohazardMaterial contains microorganisms that are an environmental hazard. Must be handled with special care.added v2.5
BIO BiologicalThe dangers associated with normal biological materials. I.e. potential risk of unknown infections. Routine biological materials from living subjects.added v2.5
COR CorrosiveMaterial is corrosive and may cause severe injury to skin, mucous membranes and eyes. Avoid any unprotected contact.added v2.5
ESC Escape RiskThe entity is at risk for escaping from containment or control.added v2.5
EXP ExplosiveMaterial is an explosive mixture. Keep away from fire, sparks, and heat.added v2.5
IFL MaterialDangerInflammableMaterial is highly inflammable and in certain mixtures (with air) may lead to explosions. Keep away from fire, sparks and excessive heat.added v2.5
INF MaterialDangerInfectiousMaterial known to be infectious with human pathogenic microorganisms. Those who handle this material must take precautions for their protection.added v2.5
INJ Injury HazardMaterial is solid and sharp (e.g., cannulas.) Dispose in hard container.added v2.5
POI PoisonMaterial is poisonous to humans and/or animals. Special care must be taken to avoid incorporation, even of small amounts.added v2.5
RAD RadioactiveMaterial is a source for ionizing radiation and must be handled with special care to avoid injury of those who handle it and to avoid environmental hazards.added v2.5