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Title:Feeding Device Codes

Materials used or needed to feed the patient.

Committee:Orders and Observations Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.961 (for OID based terminology systems)

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This expansion generated 21 Jan 2021

This value set contains 39 concepts

Expansion based on version 4.0.1

standard-nipple nippleStandard nipple definition:
preemie-nipple nipplePreemie nipple definition:
ortho-nipple nippleOrthodontic nipple definition:
sloflo-nipple flow nippleSlow flow nipple definition:
midflo-nipple flow nippleMiddle flow nipple definition:
bigcut-nipple, cross-cut nippleEnlarged, cross-cut nipple definition:
haberman-bottle bottleHaberman bottle definition:
sippy-valve cup with valveSippy cup with valve definition:
sippy-no-valve cup without valveSippy cup without valve definition:
provale-cup CupProvale Cup definition:
glass-lid with lid/sippy cupGlass with lid/sippy cup definition:
handhold-cup handhold on glass/cupDouble handhold on glass/cup definition:
rubber-mat matting under trayRubber matting under tray definition:
straw definition:
nose-cup cupNose cup definition:
scoop-plate plateScoop plate definition:
utensil-holder wrap utensil holderHand wrap utensil holder definition:
foam-handle handle utensilsFoam handle utensils definition:
angled-utensil utensilsAngled utensils definition:
spout-cup cupSpout cup definition:
autofeeding-device feeding devicesAutomated feeding devices definition:
rocker-knife knifeRocker knife definition:
464180003 cutlery
464409009 chopsticks
464653006 drinking cup
464663003 drinking straw
464677000 drinking mug
464709005 food/drink serving container
464756008 food dispenser
464867004 egg cup
464919005 liquid flow stopper
464934004 serving board
464985007 drinking glass
465039002 liquid funnel
466825006 water dining plate
468191003 drinking/feeding cup
468431007 dish
470630003 drinking/feeding cup
700701001 guard


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