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Это описательная часть ресурса. См. также в формате XML, JSON или Turtle. This example conforms to the profile Profile for HLA Genotyping Results (FHIR Specification Core)).

HLA-A,-B,-C genotyping report for Mary Chalmers (MRN:12345)

  LOCUS   ALLELE 1            ALLELE 2
  HLA-A   HLA-A:01:01G        HLA-A*01:02
  HLA-B   HLA-B*15:01:01G     HLA-B*57:01:01G
  HLA-C   HLA-C*01:02:01G     HLA-C*03:04:01G

Allele assignments based on IMGT/HLA 3.23

Effective date: 2015-12-15

Method: Sequencing of exons 2 and 3 of HLA Class I genes

Lab: aTypingLab Inc

Note: Please refer the implementation guide for more explanation on this carefully organized bundle example.

  Bob Milius - NMDP - 2016-12-01

  Transaction bundle that creates and links:
  + DiagnosticReport summarizing genotyping for HLA-A,-B,-C typing of patient(donor)
  + Obervations for each genotype
  + Observations for each allele
  + Sequences for exons 2 and 3 for HLA-A,-B, -C

  The endpoints of the following resources are hardcoded into this transaction bundle
  because these are presumed to already exist when developing the DiagnosticRequest
  which was to generate this report bundle:

  Patient/119 (potential donor)
  Specimen/120 (buccal swab)
  Organization/68  (typing lab)
  ServiceRequest/123  (report is based on this request)



Примечание к использованию: мы очень стараемся приводить корректные и полезные примеры, но нормативно они не являются частью спецификации.